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ryaan lee
I still had a few days left from my journey in Singapore and was looking out for some of the best places to rest before I depart on my journey to Malaysia. While booking my bus tickets from redbusthe pickup point mentioned was Clarke Quay and accordingly I started looking for hotels in the vicinity. Park Royal Hotel was the only hotel that was closest to Clarke Quay and within a two minute walking distance. The hotel just exceeded my expectations in all respects and the service provided by the hotel staff was exceptional. It is located just across Arab Street and all guest rooms here are service suites. The suites have full Wi-Fi access as well as a fully equipped kitchen. An outdoor pool, a library reading area and a fitness centre are located within the suite itself. The hotel has assigned personal assistants for each suites to ensure that you have a comfortable stay whether it is for business or for pleasure. The rooms are quite spacious and well air-conditioned. There is also a 46-inch LED screen TV in the living room of the suite as well as another 40-inch TV in the bedroom. This is one place that is a must visit for any tourist.           The hotel is within walking distance from Suntec city as well as the MRT Station. If you need anything like grocery, laundry and ironing services you can ask for the same from the 24-hour front desk of this hotel.           Swissotelis another cosy accommodation just within walking distance of the Park Royal Hotel. If you are unable to book a room with Park Royal, you can always head to this hotel. The hotel offers contemporary rooms and is just within 5 minutes walking distance from various nightlife options. It is also quite close to the Clarke Quay MRT Station. It overlooks the Singapore River and has a landscape pool a 24-hour gym and some of the most popular and award winning dining outlets. The hotel is just 25 minutes away from the Changi International Airport and just 10 minutes away from the famous Orchard Road. The rooms feature modern furnishing and have floor to ceiling windows offering magnificent views of the skylines of Singapore. You can approach the 24-hour front desk for currency exchanges and physical copies of English morning newspapers. The staff can easily convers in English, Malay and Mandarin.               Dorsettis another accommodation that is located just opposite the Park Royal Hotel. The hotel offers easy access to some of the city’s most popular attractions. The hotel houses a 30-meter outdoor pool a huge bathtub as well as a fitness centre. Internet however is available only in the guest rooms. An all-day dining restaurant here offers daily breakfast as well as international meals. The air-conditioned guest rooms come with large LED screens, an Ipod dock and a mini bar. Some of the rooms also include a private balcony. The hotel staff was very cooperative and made my experience unforgettable.
jazzy sen

Many and more people are hopping onto the vegan bandwagon and switching to a healthier way of eating and living. Consuming vegan food has its own benefits, and while some consider it to be extreme, the results are there for all to see. Just ask Peter Dinklagege aka Tyrion Lannister about it. And if you do, pass our regards to him! A visit to these vegan restaurants in Singapore could win you over.


Given that their located in easily accessible locations, the fastest way to reach these food joints would be to get a bus from

and tour the city-side while you are at it.



Sunny Choice: Based in Rail Mall, Sunny Choice does not draw much attention to it, keeping itself simple and fresh and all things vegan. Cold-pressed juice is served before the mains for that enzyme boost and its organic produce includes fruits, vegetables and even chia seeds.



Create Healthy Lifestyle Café: An organic café that not delivers on the quality of the products but on the price points too! Its budget-friendly menu does pull in a large number of people. So if you are up for sharing your table with other customers and don’t mind the constant piping of sounds.



Kampung Senang: This is one is not just healthy, but looks to give back to the society in whatever manner possible, being an eco-conscious charity that looks to aid cancer patients. Their organic kitchen is also connected to their Holistic Lifestyle Centre that promotes holistic health and detoxification to several institutions through its many programs.




Original Sin: The enduring popularity of this Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Chip Bee Gardens is a marvel in fickle Singapore, where so many restaurants open and close in a blink. A marvel, but not surprising. Founded in 1997 by owner-chef Italian-Australian Marisa Bertocchi, it’s maintained impeccable standards and stayed true to its lights; we’ve been regulars since 2001.
In the same way that South Indian vegetarian food is so satisfying, that carnivores might not even notice the absence of fish or flesh on the menu.




Pollen: There are only a few restaurants in Singapore that can boast of private Mediterranean herbs and vegetable gardens. This restaurant is known to serve fresh produce that is used liberally all over the dish. The dishes are decorated in a pretty manner and the best thing about the menu are these starters. Make sure to try out over roasted baby beetroots and curd. There are also two healthy main course options that you can indulge in like roasted artichoke and salt bake celeriac with truffle.




Real Food: The best place in the city to have organic food is undoubtedly Real Food. This beautiful vegetarian restaurant has about four outlets on the entire street. It was started by 3 friends who were tired of the unrecognizable ingredients in food. The dishes contain a mix of soy, garlic, onion. It is completely gluten free. Real Food is one of the most visited joints by the locals living here.

sofia ken

Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park


It is considered to be the largest park in the whole of Singapore with the most modern amenities. After the introduction of the ABC Programme of the Singaporean government an old canal has been DE-concretised and a natural waver spread across 3 kms with clean waters and wild flowers has been developed here. Apart from the manmade water waves that the park features there is ample of plush greenery in the park. It also features plains of rivers and pond gardens. This makes it a must visit amongst tourists. The locals living nearby also keep visiting here for recreational activities.


If you want to cut yourself off from air pollution and are looking for a detox, this is the place. This garden is just top notch and you will find some occasional fast food joints and hotels in and around the garden. Different events are organised at different times of the year and they ensure that you and your kids have a gala time here. Different species of animals for you to get close with is also a amazing experience for both young and old. Besides there are places for cycling, roller skating, jogging, skateboarding scooter riding and many more.


It is a perfect spot to travel to with your families for picnics. Even casual gatherings can be held here. Spread across 62 hectares of land a wide range of flora and fauna is found here. One can also jog along on the tracks that run across in a circular fashion around the park. In recent years the park has also won a tag for the most leisure friendly destination. Efforts are being made by the Government to have facilities like a futurustic foot ball field, an amphi theatre and a natural pond. The River plains also feature a modern play facility for children having different abilities. The park is completely wheel chair accessible and also has a accessible merry-go-round and a wheel chair swing. This allows children with special needs to play along with their non-disabled friends. What more could one want if you can indulge in all these activities in the midst of mother nature? A must visit destination!!


You can book your tickets through this website redbus  for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!



Public Bus Nos. 50, 53, 55 and 58 are some of the buses that will take you to Dishan – Ang Mo Kio Park.


Tiger Sky Towers


Also known as the Carls Berg sky tower this sky tower is the highest observatory point in Singapore. Situated right in the middle of Sentosa island at the IMBIAH zone. The tower stands at a height of 131 metres and can ferry around 72 people per hour. Each ride lasts for 7 minutes and is wheel chair accessible. The tower was open to the people in the year 2004 and is managed by C.NELCHERS. On the ground floor of this tower the visitors have to enter an airconditioned cabin that has transparent glass windows. The cabin slowly rotates around itself as it goes upward. The tower is so high that when the cabin reaches the top you can actually see the entire skyline of the magnificient city of Singapore. The view is completely pictursque and if you are lucky and the skies are clear you might even be able to see Indonesia’s skyline. Make sure to visit Tiger Sky tower when in Singapore.




james lim

Alor Setar is the capital of Kedah State in Malaysia. It is one of the most beautiful central gateways to the famous Langkawi Island. It is the second largest city in Malaysia and is about 400 kms away from Kuala Lumpur. The place is considered to be quite important as it is home to the CSAC which is the central state administration centre of Kota Setar District. A bus ride from Singapore to Alor Setar will cost you just SGD50. Most of the buses drop you off at the Alor Setar Bus Terminal. There are about 3 buses plying on this route and the total distance is about 795 kms. The buses are well maintained and are chauffered by some of the most skilled drivers that ensure a safe journey.


Bus is one of the most cost effective way of travelling from Singapore to Alor Setar. Most of the locals as well as the tourists prefer to use bus services to ply between this route just because the services are reliable and far more convenient compared to other available means of transportations. Not only is the journey between Singapore and Alor Setar cheap, but it is also quite convenient. This is because the roads have been quitewell maintained by the Trasnport Corporation. The trip from Singapore to Alor Setar might take about 5 to 6 hours if you are travelling during the day depending on traffic conditions. If you are some one like me who prefers to travel in the dead of the night then you will reach your destination in 3 hours. One of the best parts of travelling by bus is that you will come across different sceneries during your journey and plush green landscapes. People visit Alor Setar vastly due to its Malay culture and the green plantation site that it possesses. I recommend you to visit the popular tourist attractions in Alor Setar like Kedah Paddy which is an educational site and Pekan Rabu Complex which is known for its local and traditional products. If you have some extra time make sure to visit the magnificient Zaheer Mosque which is based on Moorish architecture. I found my Bus journey to be luxurious at reasonable prices and I did not have to go to the booking office for booking my bus tickets. I just visited from my laptop and booked my tickets within a couple of minutes.


The different Bus Operators plying on this route are Maju Express, Konsortium Express and several other local companies. These two operators are highly preferred because of their services and punctuality. They are known to depart sharp at the specified departure time. Not only are their buses equipped with all the modern facilities but also ensure customer satisfaction. The different pick up points in Singapore from where buses depart are Golden Mile Complex, Duta Bus Station and the popular Puduraya Bus Station. I boarded my bus from Golden Mile Complex as advised to me by a friend of mine. 

lyana lim

Shopping at Little India is definitely not, your regular roadside shopping. You may feel that Little India in completely out of place in a city like Singapore where there are countless futuristic mega malls that feature costly designer brands in air-conditioned enclosures. However, this is not true. Little India is a complete different story altogether, one that will leave you with an unforgettable experience. If you are heading out on a holiday to Singapore and Malaysia, I recommend you to keep Little India last on your visit list as the place also serves as a major Bus Boarding and departure point for buses heading to and from Malaysia.




There are about 5 to 6 Operators plying on this route as per what was mentioned on the website called  redbus , from where I booked my Bus tickets. I did not wait for more than a minute since as soon as I was done with my shopping I could board my Bus. However, trust me my shopping experience at this place left me with much more cash on hand than what I had expected. There were several 24 hour shopping centres like Mustafa Centre, which is famous for selling products that are priced quite lower compared to the markets outside. The range of shopping products here is as diverse as the people communities. Clothes, fresh food, souvenirs and electronics are what you will find at dirt-cheap rates over here.




There were quite a few operators plying on the route between the two cities. Some of the most popular ones being Trans Royal Singapore, Starmart Express, Konsortium, Interline Express and Trans Nasional. I booked my bus tickets through Trans Nasional which had about 5 buses plying throughout the day starting from 10:00 am in the morning till 6:00 pm in the evening. I booked an afternoon bus and the journey took me about 9 hours – thanks to the notorious traffic of Singapore. The tickets cost me about SGD40 but there were tickets that went up as high as SGD60 and it depends on the class of Bus you book. Starmart was the only luxury Bus Operator lying on this route and had buses plying at 3 different times. The prices were a little on the higher side but the Operator clearly justified this with the modern amenities that it had to offer on its buses. Konsortium had only 1 bus plying throughout the entire day which was at 10:00 pm in the night. I would recommend you to book this bus on your visit as it takes only 6 hours to complete its journey, as the roads are free of any traffic during this time. The tickets prices are also quite reasonable at this time of the night.





Taiping is considered to be the second biggest town in Malaysia after Ipoh. The name has been derived from two Chinese characters and the place is quite famous as many deposits were found here. This is also considered to be one of the most tourist friendly destinations in Singapore.  

alia lucas

The Budget Hotels of Sarawak have some of the best facilities and value for money rooms that are sure to set an example for all the luxury hotels out there. These hotels are truly an example that you do not need to splurge in order to accommodate yourself in a good hotel.


This website  , lets you book your bus tickets, hotel bookings online and it is a very simple and hassle free online process. You are not required to book your bus tickets by standing in long queues.



Cove 55


This huge property houses 8 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Suites with views of Mount Santubong and also the South China Sea. There are also 2 chalets here that are located far away from the main area and face the sea. The Hotel can comfortably accommodate 24 guests. The interiors of the guest rooms are full of cultural accents and some of the most modern amenities. The rooms have their own bathrooms with bathtubs, tea and coffee vending machines and views from the windows that will leave you in awe! It is considered one of the ideal places if you are travelling along with your family. For people who are tight on budget, travel will not be fussy either as most of the buses in Sarawak ply to this location or will drop you off almost at the doorstep of this hotel. This hotel is newly renovated and it gives you a quiet and personal place. If you are looking at some relaxation, this is the place for you. There is absolutely no noise and hence it is very peaceful and relaxing. The staff was quite polite and helpful. What I liked most about is the simplicity and the comfort of the rooms and the attached balcony is simply awesome. It is quite relaxing. You will not find a TV in any of the rooms and I did not even feel the need to have one.


The Ranee Boutique Suites


It is one of the most exclusive boutique suites, which is located in the heart of Kuching, which is an old town, and one of the most known places. The Hotel was built in the 19thCentury and earlier used as a shop house. It was only in the later years that the hotel was completely rebuilt and equipped with modern amenities to cater to its guests. This unique hotel has some of the best ambiences and the rooms are colourful and vibrant. The doors of these guest rooms have majestic glass doors that have been beautifully crafted from natural wood. Most of the buses originate from Kuching, which is the area where this hotel is located. Therefore, you are sure to travel along in an empty bus and select seats of your own choice. This hotel is a well designed space and has Malaysian antiques all over. The colours used are quite classy, the antiques are well placed. I must not forget to mention good words for the entire staff. I found them very polite, helpful and always wanted to go an extra mile and help their guests and ensure they are comfortable. This is a very rare quality that’s missing these days. It is indeed a wonderful place to stay. Breakfast was superb and dinner was also awesome.  

farah zaidi

Sungai Petani -

It is the second biggest city in Kedah which is considered to be the capital of Alor Setar. Sungai Petani is basically quite close to Penang rather than Alor Setar itself. This can be seen and is quite apparent as most of the buses plying in the city bear the Penang registration plate. It is also the second fastest growing town in Malaysia after Johor Bahru. The name of the city translates to Farmers River and this stands true to the theme of the city which has quite a lot of paddy fields and farmers in the state. There are about 10 lakh people residing in this city and has a good business community if you are planning to travel on a business trip here. 

The most preferred mode of transport in the city is the local bus service operated and managed by City Liner. The buses are fully air-conditioned and provide decent facilities at economical prices. The most famous Operator plying on this route between the two cities is Inter City Coach. The duration of travel between the two cities is about 6 hours but this is subject to change depending on whether or not you encounter traffic on your journey. I booked by bus tickets from My Bus had just 25 seats thereby making space for a lot of legroom. I found the prices on the websit quite reasonable as the fares started just from MYR45. The bus leaves sharp at 8:00 am in the morning and if you are lucky, you will reach Sungai Petani by 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The distance between the two cities is about 403 kms, I found the Bus journey to be quite comfortable, and I experienced beautiful scenic views on the way. The other Operators plying on this route are Trans Nasional, Sri Maju Express Kangar, Plus Liner, Cepat Ekspress, Super Nice Grass Land. 

Upon reaching Kajang I recommend you to try out Satay which is skewered barbequed meat. It is one of the most famous dishes of Malaysia. One thing that is worth noting is that the population of Kajang has grown quite rapidly in the past few years. The townships here are developing at a very fast pace and the nightlife here is just unforgettable. If you are in the city for shopping, you will be delighted to know that Kajang has a host of new and old shopping complexes. One of the most famous shopping centres here is the Billion Shopping Centre located in Kajang Town and has been around for more than 15 years. It has a new and larger counterpart in Taman Technology Kajang. In recent years Kajang has seen a great surge in the opening of newer Hyper Markets. These shopping complexes are also surrounded by foreign shopping outlets like Pizza Hut, KFC and McDonalds. One thing that I noticed was that travelling by Bus was one of the most preferred modes of transport here. 

ashish bhalla

Paldi is an affluent region poised in the south-western part of Ahmedabad. This place is filled with many corporate offices, shopping centres and many places of interests. Most of the travellers/tourists prefer to opt for a stay close to the Paldi bus terminus. This area holds a bustling scene with a number of shops and other public places. There are many bus depots in Paldi, Ahmedabad and most of the surrounding areas consists of hotels. You can find all types of hotels near Paldi Bus Terminus and book them online from  Redbus hotel All the hotels near Paldi, Ahmedabad comes with benefits like clean bed and bath along with basic amenities. Usually, travellers seeking to stay in comfort and avail all types of convenience, Paldi is an ideal area to accommodate.


There are some advantages of booking online hotels near Paldi, Ahmedabad, such as you can go through many types of hotels in the same area, read guest reviews and explore other requirements too. There are hotel stays are lined up in Paldi suiting all types of budgets, makes sure that you don’t burn a hole in the pocket. It has a great connectivity with most of the Tech-parks and corporate sector. One shall find a wide range of restaurants, good shopping centres, movie theatre and hordes of people on the roads of Paldi. The smooth movement of public transportation and communication makes it an eligible location for stay in Ahmedabad. Opting for this place as your stay option shall not disappoint you at all. You can easily find anything at your doorstep, while the range of accommodation comes with good facilities offering decent hospitality to the guests.


Here is a compilation of recommendable hotels in Paldi, Ahmedabad. They can be booked online at a moderate expense. Simply decide your ideal stay suiting your budget and other demands too.


Marshall The Grand Hotel: The hotel property is located just next to the Paldi bus terminus. The hotel offers Standard Rooms and Suites for comfortable stays for all category of travellers.


Hotel Radiant: An ideal stay choice for travellers or vacationers as they offer high quality of services at a reasonable price. Besides, the hotel is in close proximity to the bus stations. The hotel creates great connectivity with the rest of the city.


Hotel Neelkanth Inn: The hotel property offers accommodation suiting all types of travellers. They also accommodate all categories of guests ranging from corporate to families. Besides, the location of the hotel serves as a great convenience for the guests.


Hotel Atithi: It is located close to the corporate sector and offers personalized services to the guests. One can access al close by shops, restaurants and other places easily from the hotel.


nitish jatt

Goa is considered as the ultimate travel destination in India. It has a unique appeal to visitors from all over the country and the world. The serene beaches, lush greenery, a scrumptious cuisine and a vibrantly historic culture makes this as one of the India’s best travel destinations. While on the other hand, located on the banks of Mandovi River, Panaji consists of cobblestone streets lined with vibrant villas and buildings from the Portuguese colonial era. This is an ideal location of stay for most of the tourists willing to visit Goa. There a range of hotels near Panaji, Goa and they can be booked online from at reasonable prices. One shall find various types of accommodations near Panaji in Goa. The easy hotel booking procedure helps to save time and energy. You can opt for your preferred location/venue of stay via online and confirm booking your hotel room in a few convenient steps. . Panaji, the city of alleyways and old structures relives the past in the present! Just move into your spacious world and enjoy one touch service for everything in any of the hotels near Panaji.




Go through all the amenities and other requirements from the list of hotels and choose the one that fits you the most. It takes less time to book and guarantees a comfortable stay at Panaji. Once your accommodation choice is sorted well, you can plan for your itinerary without facing any difficulty. Once you book your hotel room, you shall receive a confirmation via email/sms; remember to carry a printout of the booking confirmation copy on the day of your check-in at the hotel premises.



The hotels near Panaji in Goa can be booked online and are recommended for stay due to its their well-suited location. Here is a collection of hotels near Panaji, Goa that shall help you to select your ideal stay without any hassles.




Dynasty Villas Boutique Resort: This accommodation is providing high quality accommodation and excellent standard of services. Rendering hospitality facilities and ensuring that the guests receive the best service. Boutique provides unique experience and is guaranteed to meet your needs. The rooms are comfortable and cosy for any individual and families. The resort is perched like a birds nest on the tiny hill of Alto Porvorim surrounded with valleys all around. You can also enjoy magnificent views of the Mandovi River meandering around in the distance.




Hotel E-Dalian Holiday Village: The hotel is located near to the Near Agassaim Police Station in Malaca Road. This places offers a great location along with homely services and accessible to all the main locations in the city. After a tiring journey, guests can relax in peaceful atmosphere.




Hotel Sunheads: It is one of the budget hotels in Panaji offering a decent stay location with a number of amenities. The convenient distance from Miramer Beach makes it an ideal stay option. It consists of a restaurant and other facilities to satisfy business as well as leisure guests.



Treehouse Neptune Inn: This is a contemporary hotel in the heart of the magical city of Goa. Centrally located in Panaji, Goa, Treehouse Neptune hotel stay offers well-appointed accommodations. The hotel in Panjim has spacious rooms in the city for business and leisure travellers alike.


sunny mishra

Egmore in Chennai is a lively area known for its Railway Station. It witnesses a huge flow of crowd on daily basis. Apart from these, there is a Government Museum, which is a house to various ancient artefacts. Egmore consists of residential areas as well as a commercial hub. This place is easily accessible from all the places of interests. Most of the visitors folk to Egmore and look for a convenient place to stay. There are a number of good hotels near Egmore, Chennai and you can book them at for a hassle-free experience. The online hotel-booking platform holds a wide range of various types of accommodations starting from economy to luxury stays. The user-friendly procedure of booking hotel rooms helps to save time. This also helps you to read guest reviews, get discounts and browse other requirements. It is advisable to select your ideal hotel room in advance, just to keep yourself away from unwanted complications.



All the hotels are spread across various parts of Egmore, depending on their service offerings, prices and accessibility from other places. The demand of hotels near Egmore, Chennai is never less, due to its range of attractions lined up across the city. Business as well as leisure travellers visiting this city shall never be deprived of a proper and clean accommodation. Here is a compilation of hotels in Egmore, Chennai, which are close to railway station, bus stop or near to market areas. It will probably help a traveller having plans to visit the place and decide a well-suited stay here.



  1. Hotel Chandra Park: This hotel is located just opposite to Egmore railway station. They offer budget rooms with clean bed and bath facility. There is an in-house restaurant in the hotel, where you can relish your taste buds. This hotel is an ideal stay for business and leisure travellers.



  1. Hotel Rivera: The hotel isstrategically situated in the heart of Chennai, on the Poonamalle High Road. Hotel Rivera is close to Mount Road, the commercial and shopping center of the city, as well as just 2 kms from central, 1 km from Egmore Railway Station and 18 kms away from the Chennai Airport. All the guests can experience luxury and have a pleasurable stay here!


  2. Hotel Chennai Gate: This hotel property is ideally located in front of the Egmore - Railway Station, which is 2 KM away from Central Railway Station and 16 KM from International / Domestic airports. The hotel provides comfort in fully furnished rooms.


  3. Hotel Pandian: The hotel offers genuine hospitality, nice quality of food and other basic amenities. The railway station, bus stand and the airport all are in proximity from the hotel. Guests can easily access all of these in a hassle-free way.

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