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When using high quality textured hdpe geomembrane, it can be used in the dark, which is more secure for prolonging the service life. Many people may not notice this situation at all during the process, even in this process. Do not understand the problems that need to be paid attention to during the specific use process. 

When it is not used after purchase, it has been affected by various aspects, so I hope everyone can really pay attention to this aspect in the process of using high quality non woven geotextile, so that the final result can be guaranteed. The relationship between us is very close, and everyone can better understand the process of doing it.


The main applications of high quality textured hdpe geomembrane are as follows:

1. Environmental protection, sanitation: such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plant conditioning pools, industrial, hospital solid waste.

2. Water conservancy: such as rivers and lakes reservoir dam dam seepage, plugging, reinforcement, anti-seepage of the canal, vertical core wall, slope protection.

3. Municipal works: subway, building underground engineering, planting roofing, roof garden anti-seepage, sewage pipeline.

4. Garden: artificial lake, river, reservoir, the bottom of the golf course, slope protection, green lawn, waterproof and moisture.

5. Bentonite waterproof blanket petrochemical: chemical plant, refinery, oil tank anti-seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining and so on.

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