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Him the ball FIFA Coins where he likes and pushing the ball up the floor for more open shots in transitionhave Love playing more aggressively than he was under Blatt Even his teammates have noticedI think right now Love's finally getting fortable in his role LeBron James said following the Cavaliers' impressivewin over the Spurs on Saturday


via theAkron Beacon Journal I think coach Lue has done a great job clearing the air what he expects out of all of us including Kev and he's a big focal point of our team When he's playing locked in like this it's great for usBeing the third wheel is a tough gig in the especially for a player like Love who rose to prominence by having


everything go through him The last time we saw a player immediately go from option Noto Nowas Chris Bosh and it took him more than a year to figure out his role in MiamiThat doesn't all fall on coaching but there are certain things that can be done to smooth over that transition An extra catch or two a game in a player's favorite


spots certainly helps So do quickhitters Buy FIFA Coins lik more frequently in the last five games and doing so more efficiently perWhether it's a symptom of small sample size or the type subtle change that often happens when a new coach gets everyone to join hands and sing Kumbaya is yet to be seen Will LeBron still have such nice things to say

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Whiteside entered FIFA Coins a Twitter feud over some basic basketball philosophySPEAKING OF WHICHOtto Porter is preparing to play some stretch four in the regular season Someone told Randy Wittman rightTHERE'S A DERRICK ROSE LAWSUIT HAPPENING Since it's a civil suit and not a criminal investigation it'll be treated


differently by us and the I presume But the accusations are shocking and you'll find no triangulating or jokes hereHappy Thursday Weekend's almost here See you next timeSTART NEWSLETTER SNIPPET FULL WIDTHSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERGet news links and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday


morning svg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh classcrelatedlistheadline paltheadDont expect Julius Randle to light the world on fire right awaThis year's Lakers team will look nothing like the one that won justgames last season That's a good thing Kobe Bryant will return to the court where he'll


presumably help groom point guard D'Angelo Buy FIFA Coins Russell the Nooverall pick and franchise heir apparentBut don't forget that Julius Randle is also ing back The Nopick in last year's draft was forced to miss all of his rookie season afterfracturing his right tibia during the Lakers' seasonopener against the Rockets But he's healthy now and

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Business with his FIFA Coins accountAll this makes the many reports that Rambis has an excellent chance of getting the "interim" tag removed from his title both baffling and disconcerting for Knicks fans Phil Jackson isnt merely open to handing the job to a clueless dinosaur whos done nothing in his career to prove himself worthy of such


a position It appears Jackson actually wants to stake the Knicks future on this manFrom ESPNs Marc Stein and Ian Begley Sources told ESPN that Rambis who has served as the Knicks interim coach since Derek Fisher was fired Feb is the preferred choice of team president ?Phil Jackson who sources say is pushing for a new


multiyear deal for Rambis The Wall Street Journals Chris Herring reported that hes heard similar rumblings As he is wont to do the New York Daily News Frank Isola added some interesting details to the picture Phil Jackson is more vocal at Knicks practices since Kurt Rambis replaced Derek Fisher as head coach in February For


Jackson it really is the best of both worlds Buy FIFA Coins he can satisfy his coaching appetite without having the losses tarnish his resumeSeveral players confirmed that they have noticed Jackson taking a more active role in helping Rambis run the team Fisher mostly resisted Jacksons input especially in front of the team because he felt it undermined

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Pistons led by five with FIFA Coins remaining in the third quarter but the Cavs went on to outscore Detroit over the remainder of the period The game was never close after thatThe Cavs were on fire from threepoint range throughout the night Cleveland went of from behind the arc percent which is tied for the most threes in NBA playoff history


JR Smith was the role player to step up for Cleveland finishing with points on of shooting from deepAfter a hardfought win in Game the Cavaliers left little doubt they're the vastly superior team by turning it on in the second half of Game Here's what we learned in Cleveland's winLeBron looks impossibly spryLeBron James is only


years old but he has a lot of mileage on his legs He's played full NBA seasons He's peted in the Olympics three times And for the last five seasons he's dragged his team to the NBA FinalsIf James keeps playing like he is right now that streak will be extended one more year James led the Cavs with points in Game on of shooting and he


added six rebounds three steals Buy FIFA Coins and three assists for good measureIt's not just that LeBron is packing the box score it's how he looks doing it The man looks downright vivacious at the momentGood luck Detroit With LeBron playing like this the Pistons will need itCleveland is hot from threepoint range and needs to stay that wayThe

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