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Is each enterprise users should do for the mechanical equipment maintenance work, and must be, because the service life of machinery and its running efficiency and the maintenance is in place for the daily maintenance of the Raymond mill, such as Raymond mill equipment in. Mainly to the maintenance work in a kind of explanation, namely the Raymond Mill powder lubrication maintenance.

As we all know, whether the Raymond mill is able to run smoothly or not, the running bearings on the fuselage play a key role. If the lubricity of bearings is not good enough, it will cause great friction between bearings and other components, and then will damage parts. Therefore, in order to avoid this phenomenon and ensure the smooth operation of Raymond mill, it is necessary for enterprise users to do well in the lubrication and maintenance work of the equipment. What are the specific lubrication ways? Small editor to do one by one for everyone to introduce, please see the following article:

Manual lubrication, the staff that need regular operation for each bearing Raymond Mill add lubricating oil, lubricating oil and regular replacement, the purpose is to let the lubricating oil deterioration reaction, need the attention of the staff is to add lubricating oil must be the amount of a good grasp, can not add too how, in order to avoid wasting, also can not add too little, so as not to affect the lubrication of bearings.

The use of the oil pool splash lubrication. First, the small gear of the rayon mill is immersed into the oil pool, and then the lubricating oil is lubricated to the large gear by the rotation of the pinion. This way of lubrication is widely used by many business users nowadays, because this lubrication maintenance not only saves time and effort, but also controls the amount of lubricants added.

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By kathryn
Added Nov 30 '17


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