How to control the finished sand machine sand fineness and shape? from xuan's blog

Sand processing equipment from the finished product sand we are generally known as sand or artificial sand. The sand is the main source of sand for the project, such as the mixing station, the construction, the water conservancy project, the repairing high speed, the repairing high iron and so on. The quality of the project sand is very high. The quality of the finished machine sand and the fineness of the sand modulus to achieve the final requirements, most of the artificial experience or sampling by drying, screening, weighing and other methods to determine the old method, on the one hand by artificial Judging the quality of sand making by experience, because of people and easy, great error, unreliable; how to improve the sand making machine, to promote the finished product sand quality and granularity is the key to perfection. VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making machine equipment are advanced stone stone principle, playing out the finished sand quality is good, the product was cube, grain shape is good, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable; particularly suitable for artificial system Sand and stone shaping, proved to be more than other traditional equipment (third-generation sand making machine, sand machine, rod mill) sand, plastic surgery increased by 30%. Finished sand in the range of 0-5mm arbitrary regulation, to meet the ultra-fine sand, fine sand, sand, coarse sand and other different fineness and different uses of sand production and processing.

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